Fried Turkeys - Drums and Percussion

Combining a surprising blend of truly original music and a uniquely eclectic selection of covers, the Fried Turkeys will have you dripping in greasy, hippy, roots-country music. Soulful pedal steel, soaring vocal harmonies, a thumping rhythm section, dixieland piano lines, and a wooden Americana sound will have you tapping your feet and singing along. The grease is ready. Drop the bird.

Frank Douglas - Vocals and Guitar
Chapin Frazee - Vocals, Mandolin and Guitar
Carol Ann Mathews - Vocals, Guitar and Percussion
Deb Berlinger - Drums and Percussion
Johnny Andrews - Vocals, Pedal Steel Guitar and Guitar
Don Horne - Piano
Charlie Johnson - Vocals and Bass
Guest Musician - "Tug" - Dobro

Wailin' Wolves Band - Drums and Percussion

We are based in the Tallahassee, FL area playing a wide variety of Blues, Rock, Funk, & Originals. We offer a great variety of songs with both a male and female lead vocalist and two lead instruments. Band members include Brittany Widener, Lenny Widener, Deb Berlinger, Rick Burnetti, Charlie McCall and Jim Graham. Here's a big SHOUT OUT to our founding members the late Bert Calderson and Shaw From.

Charles Atkins Blues Band - Drums

Charles AtkinsSir Charles Atkins, Professor of the Blues, Tallahassee's Soul Brother Number One: these are all titles that Charles Atkins has earned. To most people, he is known as a serious musician and a polite gentleman with a social conscious. A real, down home person, and a talented musician with a big heart. Charles learned music at the Florida School for the Blind in Saint Augustine, Florida and later earned a degree in music education at Florida State University. His chosen instruments are keyboards and Deb
vocals. He has performed with Sam and Dave, and Benny Latimore. He has since branched out on his own. Charles Atkins is not just a piano player, a soulful vocalist, and a talented songwriter; he has produced and played for other artists' recordings. Charles is willing to share his experience, teaching music in several settings.

Bo' Hog Root - Drums and Percussion

The Late Scott Campbell- song writing, vocals and guitar
Chris Balding - song writing, vocals and harmonica
Deb Berlinger - drums
Mark Patton- bass and vocals

cdh and The Porch Lizards - Drums and Percussion

cdh and The Porch Lizards - craig daniel hardin and the porch lizards - original swampy americana music: craig daniel hardin lives on and cares for the farm that has been in his family for generations. Delivering songs of his north central Florida heritage, cdh adds a current yet rooted sound and conscience with his singing and songwriting. He sings stories of the people who have and still do live in the area like the cracker cowhunters in Sand and Swamp and the trapper in Back Woods Man. His themes also reveal his love for the earth and help to bring awareness to the importance of its protection in songs like: Home of Sand, Paradise and California Creek. His original music could be classified as an Americana mix of country, rock and blues. His sound has been coined “Swamp Groove”.

While most of the original songs that craig performs come to him while working on the restoration of the native flora and fauna of Florida, he also collaborates with other songwriters to stretch his writing muscles.

craig daniel hardin - song writing, vocals and acoustic guitar
Pete Knowlton - bass, banjo, vocals
Deb Berlinger - drums
Tim Leatzow - guitar

Brett Wellman and the Stone Cold Blues Band - Drums

Chicago style electric blues featuring:
Brett Wellman - Vocals and Guitar
Chris Balding - Vocals and Harmonica
Mick Metz - Bass Guitar
Deb Berlinger - Drums

Check out Brett's newest band and members at the above website.

Tin Horn - Drums and Percussion

TINHORN - A four-piece band from North Florida that brings together the late Dennis Dunn and Erice Shepard from "Flattop", and Deb Berlinger and Dave Leporati from "The Mayhaws. Tinhorn plays original and classic "dirt country" on acoustic guitar, mandolin, bass and drums.

The Crawlers- Drums and Percussion

This is The Crawlers big band. This version of the big band includes from left to right (front row), Drew Matalich on fiddle, Adam Straubinger on fiddle, Ross Beck on banjo, Kevin Robertson on guitar, Dave Leporati on mandolin and Scott Campbell on guitar/dobrow. Holding down the rhythm in the back from left to right is Mark Patton on bass and me on drums. Our motto is 'walk in - crawl out'. This is kick-ass blue grass jam band.

Sharla June and The Mayhaws - Drums and Percussion

Mayhaws MySpace - Music

Sharla June and The Mayhaws Sharla June & The Mayhaws play an eclectic mix of blues, folk, bluegrass and rock and roll that makes Bessie Smith sound like Iggy Pop, and the Ramones sound like Hank Williams. They innovate, but with a respect for tradition, walking a line between the sunny sounds of old-time folk and bluegrass and the gritty darkness of old blues and hardcore gospel and country songs.

The band has featured a number of journeyman players over time, constantly evolving and exploring new musical terrain. Smoky-voiced lead singer Sharla June has been a mainstay on the Tallahassee music scene since the punk-rock 1980’s, writing and performing in a dizzying number of genre-spanning projects. Mandolinist Dave Leporati came to The Mayhaws via a traditional bluegrass background and a nontraditional affection for rockabilly, honky-tonk, and the edgier arts and literatures. Drummer Deb Berlinger has been banging on things and syncopating the blues since childhood, and bassist Chelsea Chason studied jazz performance and music therapy is now giving vent to her long-standing desire to rock out.

Together they create soul-feeding music: smart, dynamic, sassy and telling of the truth.

It’s the sound that wafts out of green-lit dashboards in big old 50s cars as they rocket through the soft, black summer night. It’s an after-hours jam session in the kitchen of that juke joint off the highway, the one your mama told you to stay out of.

But of course you don’t stay out. How could you? Not when the Mayhaws are in town.

Cheap and Easy - Drums and Percussion

Cheap and Easy - FaceBook

Cheap and Easy is the natural collaborative outcome of guitar slinger/songwriter Bodega Bob Homme and vocalist/bassist Sugar Harris. Homme & Harris are both life long performers - most recently fronting the successful regional acoustic trio, Trigger Happy.

The pair formed Cheap and Easy in 2009 to recapture the closeness of roots-level variety entertainment that places the performers among the audience rather than in front of them, that embraces the audience as participants in the performance and not merely observers of it. The pair's renowned rhythmic sensitivity and stage intimacy gives party and close performance venue attendees a treat seldom encountered in the world of acoustic stage performance.

Cheap and Easy's repertoire of well-crafted original Rockabilly, Americana, Blues, & Country music, blended with their love of performance, and the nascent ability to observe and report the humorous foibles of the human condition forms the foundation of the duet's original blue-collar entertainment.

Sugar's steamy alto voice, Jazz roots, and long term love affair with the rumble and articulation of the lower register, coupled with Bodega's barroom-bass vocals and raw, street level energy acquired in the rough and tumble watering holes of seaport towns around the world are the ingredients that combine to make Cheap and Easy one of the area's best bets for good-time entertainment!

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